Spring 2019 Exhibits


JANUARY 17, 2019 - MARCH 29, 2019

ADAM HOGAN - Silent Forest: Return

The Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College features a solo exhibit by Arkansas artist and experimental film maker Adam Hogan. Hogan describes his film Silent Forest: Return as "the progression of a non-narrative reflection exploring the
strained relationship that humanity has to place.”

"This film explores the fragility of our Gulf Coastal ecosystem through a hauntingly beautiful depiction of its bayous and marshes," said Meadows Museum of Art Director Sean FitzGibbons. "Adam Hogan's work is crucially important to bringing awareness of what is happening to our beloved bayous, not just in Louisiana, but throughout the entire Gulf." 


JANUARY 17, 2019 - MARCH 29, 2019

Joan Hall - Global Contamination: a Gulf Project

Our relationship to the sea is the foundation of my creative works. The Gulf Project is the result of two trips to the Gulf of Mexico. In June of 2011 I drove a "mobile studio" set up in an RV to the Gulf Coast to document plastic pollution in the ocean. I worked by the shore in Johnson's Bayou and Grand Isle, Louisiana. Grand Isle had just reopened its campgrounds after the BP oil spill. I returned a year later to continue the documentation. The work in this exhibition contains plastic collected and recorded during the project. 

The Gulf of Mexico is loaded with one of the highest concentrations of plastic in the world, putting it on par with the mouth of China's heavily polluted Yangtze River. 90% of floating debris in the ocean is plastic. Unless it's burned (which is toxic), plastic has no place to go but in the ground or in the water- this is a GLOBAL problem.



JANUARY 17, 2019 - MARCH 29, 2019


Louisiana Landscapes is an exhibit curated from our permanent collection featuring works by regional and nationally known artists that showcase the beautiful Northwest Louisiana landscape.



OCTOBER 2018 - MAY 2019

Meadows Outdoors Sculpture Series - Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir’s Borders

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